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Has Your Vehicle Failed Its Emissions Test? Here’s How a Mechanic in Phoenix Can Help

If you’ve taken your vehicle for emissions testing and failed the inspection, it can be a frustrating experience. You need to make sure your vehicle passes the emissions inspection to keep it registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles and continue operating it on the road. When your vehicle does fail this inspection, a mechanic in Phoenix can help you get your vehicle repaired and ready to pass on the next attempt.

Several things can make your vehicle fail the emissions test in your area. Whether it is an emissions device that is not working properly or a faulty gas cap, a mechanic in Phoenix will have the tools to get your car or truck operating properly to pass the next time around.

Dealing with electrical issues

When your vehicle’s onboard computer isn’t sending the right communication signals during the emissions test, it can mean you have a defect in your vehicle’s onboard computer, or there could be an electrical problem that is preventing the system from communicating with the emissions testing equipment. You will need to visit a mechanic in Phoenix to diagnose the problem and have it repaired so you are able to pass your next emissions test.

Any time you fail a vehicle emissions test due to a diagnostic trouble code, it is a sign that there is a problem with your vehicle’s emissions equipment. While you probably haven’t noticed any degrading of your vehicle’s performance, your car or truck may be giving off more emissions than is allowed. This will cause your vehicle to fail the emissions test and require that repairs be completed so it will pass. A mechanic in Phoenix will be able to examine your vehicle’s emissions equipment and identify what is causing the problem. Without repairs to these systems, you won’t be able to pass an emissions test in the future, so be sure to visit your mechanic for service.

Other issues to consider

If your vehicle gets a “not ready” code during an emissions test, it will fail because the electrical system has not been reset. If you have removed the battery or used jumper cables on your vehicle, the electrical system needs to be reset and entered into a drive cycle to fix the fault code. A mechanic in Phoenix will be able to help you get your system reset so your vehicle will be able to pass the emissions test.

Meanwhile, if you fail the gas cap test during your vehicle’s emissions test, you will need to get a new gas cap that is right for your vehicle. It ensures that gaseous emissions don’t escape from your vehicle’s tank. A mechanic in Phoenix can get you the correct gas cap for your car or truck and will ensure it has a proper seal to help you pass the emissions test on your next visit.

Having a mechanic in Phoenix repair the systems and components in your vehicle that are causing you to fail the emissions test will help you pass on your next try. For any emissions-related repairs, contact S & J Auto Repair & Rental. We are full service mechanics who can repair your vehicle, as well as provide maintenance and upkeep. Visit us today!

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