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Car Seat Safety Tips

Car seats play an essential role in child safety on the road. However, these products can’t protect your child if they are not used properly. To achieve the maximum benefit of car seats, use the following tips from your local provider of auto repair in Phoenix, AZ. If you’d like additional vehicle safety tips, don’t […]

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What to Do When Your Car Overheats

Imagine this scenario—you’re on a two lane desert highway. A drive out of the city helps to clear your mind. The Cimarron landscape fills you with inner peace as cacti and low-crested buttes fly by. Then, you notice steam rising from the engine. As your eye catches the temperature gage, the needle is pushing the […]

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How to Get Your Vehicle Ready for the Summer Heat!

For a safe time on the road this summer, it’s important you get a vehicle inspection and any necessary auto repair in Phoenix. Here’s a closer look at how to get your vehicle ready to take on the summer heat. Get the heat in check Although your car’s cooling system needs to be in tip-top […]

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Warning Signs Your Air Conditioning System May Fail This Summer

Is your vehicle summer-ready? Want to avoid costly auto repair in Phoenix this season? Here are some warning signs that your air conditioning system may be about to fail: Strange noises: The only sound you should hear your car’s air conditioner make is air blowing in through the vents. So, if your car produces strange […]

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Strange Noises Mean It’s Time for Repair

Have you noticed some abnormal sounds coming from your trusty vehicle lately? While all cars make some routine noises, there’s a big difference between a steady, happy engine hum and a shockingly loud clank. Whether it’s a soft noise or a loud one, if you’ve noticed that your car is making new or surprising sounds, […]

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