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Is Your Car Making Strange Noises? Visit Your Auto Mechanic in Phoenix

Are you hearing strange noises coming from your car? Maybe it is groaning or clunking along. This can mean a variety of different things might be wrong with your car and should be looked at by your auto mechanic in Phoenix. Here are some noises you should be concerned about that require repairs by an auto mechanic.

What do squealing noises mean?

If you are hearing a loud squealing noise, this is definitely an indication that something is wrong with your car and should be checked out by an auto mechanic in Phoenix. This can mean that you have an accessory belt that is ready to go. An auto mechanic can replace the worn belt with a new one and stop the squealing noise from occurring.

Squealing noises that are coming from your steering wheel are also belt-related, but this one is located on the engine fan and will need to be replaced by an auto mechanic in Phoenix.

Meanwhile, when you hear squealing noises coming from your brakes, you most likely need to have your brake pads replaced. Over time, your brake pads will wear down and squeak when you press on the brakes. Visit your auto mechanic in Phoenix to have them looked at before they diminish any further.

Another squeaking noise that you might hear from your car is from the windshield wipers when they need to be replaced. They will begin to squeak when operated once the rubber on the blades has worn down. This is a simple fix, as you will only need to get new wipers to stop the noise.

What do knocking noises indicate?

Another common noise you may hear coming from your car is a knocking noise. This can be a sign that something is wrong and will require repair from an auto mechanic in Phoenix. When you hear a knocking noise coming from the front end of your car when executing a turn, you should have your CV joints looked at. They could be worn out and creating a knocking or clunking noise in your car. Be sure to have these inspected as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your car’s front end.

You may also encounter knocking noises when you are going over bumps in the road, which indicate that you have a problem with your suspension struts. Most likely your car’s suspension struts are worn out and will need to have new ones installed. An auto mechanic in Phoenix can help you with the repairs.

When you hear an abnormal noise coming from your car, don’t hesitate to visit an auto mechanic in Phoenix to have it looked at. They will be able to quickly diagnose where the problem is coming from and help to alleviate the noise. For repairs to your car, visit S & J Auto Repair & Rental—and if your car repairs are more than $500, we can offer you a free rental car to help you get around while your vehicle is getting fixed.

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