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Tips on Saving Gas Beyond the Pump from Your Auto Mechanics in Phoenix

With so much fluctuation and uncertainty in gas prices, it is important to try to find consistency that relieves your wallet. Thankfully, our auto mechanics in Phoenix can help you find crafty ways to save money on fuel, regardless of how high the gas prices may be.

Tweak your driving habits

If you are someone that drives with a heavy foot, you could be negatively impacting the fuel efficiency of your gas tank, and costing yourself a lot of money. Being hard on your gas pedal means that you will have to be even harder on your brakes. It is likely that you will have to alternate between braking and accelerating more frequently with higher speeds, as opposed to being able to ease into braking at slower speeds. Driving with this type of neutrality evens out the amount of gas your car is utilizing, and creates a smoother ride in general.

Using your cruise control is another way to establish consistency and save on gas mileage while on the road. Driving on the freeway at a constant speed is much better for your gas tank than continuous acceleration and deceleration. Extended periods of idling also burn fuel quicker, so taking a longer route home from work to avoid being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic for an hour could save you money. Most of the time, particularly on the freeway, unique situations will present themselves and you won’t always be able to drive a specific way. But if you are more cognizant of your driving habits on a regular basis, you will be prepared to take advantage of fuel-saving opportunities.

Proper maintenance of your car

Making sure that everything under the hood of your car is in good working condition can have a drastic effect on how much money you spend on gas. The way your car’s internal parts work together is comparable to when the human body is hurt or ailing, and the rest of the body sends all of its resources to the site to fight the problem.

The same exact thing is happening under the hood. If your spark plugs or filters are failing, everything else under your hood will also be compromised, and will have to expend that much more energy to keep your car going. One such example is the alternator, which would have to pick up the slack if the car’s battery wires began to corrode. Once the alternator goes into overdrive, the car will have to burn more fuel to compensate for the loss.

Another way you can help your gas tank is by making sure that all four of your tires are always properly inflated, balanced and aligned. When a tire is underinflated and operating below the standard PSI requirements, only the edges of the tires are making contact with the road. This causes a delay in response times as you try to brake and accelerate, and in response to this over compensation, your car uses more gas. Something as simple as checking your tire pressure monthly could add up to big savings. In fact, tires that are consistently at the appropriate pressure could lead to savings of up to 11 cents per gallon.

If you are looking to learn more about other ways to get the most from your car overall, head over to S & J Auto Repair & Rental. Our auto mechanics in Phoenix will do whatever it takes to keep your car in the best condition possible, leading to efficiency that will save you money.

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