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Telltale Signs You Need New Tires on Your Car

Tires serve as the sole point of contact between your car and the road when you are driving, which means that their condition must be monitored frequently to make sure they are safe enough to be on the road. Fortunately, there are a few key indicators that will let you know when it is time to visit an auto mechanic in Phoenix, AZ for a new set of tires.

Checking the tread

One of the easiest yet most reliable ways to get a gauge on how much tread your tires have left is the penny test. Insert a penny head-down into your tire’s tread. If Lincoln’s head is fully covered, you have suitable tread, but if his entire head is visible, there is not enough. Newer tires have tread wear indicator bars, which has made determining the amount of tread a bit easier in recent years. These indicator bars are not visible on brand-new tires, but as they begin to wear down, the line gradually appears running perpendicular to the tread. No matter which method you use to check your tire’s tread, once it has worn down and the tires aren’t able to grip the road completely, the safety of everyone in the car is jeopardized and you will want to get to your mechanic as soon as you can.

Visible markings on the sidewall

If inconsistencies on the outer wall of your tire have progressed to the point of visibility, you will want to look into your replacement options immediately. Visible bulges, cuts or deep grooves in the sidewall could mean that your tire is ready to burst, which means that you could experience a dangerous blow-out on the road at any moment.

Too much vibration

You are familiar with the nuances of your car, so you know how much vibration is normal when you drive. You will also know when your car is vibrating too much, which could be a sign that something is wrong with your tires. Unbalanced tires, tire misalignment or an internal problem within the tire could cause this vibration. While this additional vibration could be due to other issues elsewhere in your car, if you notice anything out of the ordinary, it is worth a trip to a mechanic to diagnose the specific issue.

With cooler overnight temperatures on the way, it is particularly important to check your tires frequently, as a drop in temperature can affect the tire pressure. Although it may not seem like a big deal now, driving with tires that aren’t properly inflated can affect your car’s gas mileage, and can make driving even more treacherous.

To have the condition of your tires inspected, pay us a visit at Half Price Auto Repair. Whether your car is in need of an alignment or you need a brand-new set of tires altogether, our full-service repair shop has what you need to get you safely back on the road right away. To work with an auto mechanic in Phoenix, AZ that you can count on, give us a call to schedule your appointment today.

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