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Taking Care of Your Tires: What You Need to be Doing

In a list of the most important parts of your vehicle, you’re likely to see things like “engine” and “transmission” high up on the list. And while it’s true that without these systems in full functional condition you’re not going to get very far on the road, it’s also important to recognize another component that’s critical to your everyday commute: your tires.

That’s right, just as important as your engine, transmission or exhaust system, are your tires. Without tires that are in good condition you’re not going to get very far and, in fact, you might pose a danger on the road to yourself and others if there’s anything wrong with your tires.

All of this is to say that you need to be taking care of your tires, which means paying more attention to them than just recognizing when your PSI is low! Take a look at what you need to be doing in the way of critical service and ask your mechanic in Phoenix if you’re due for any of these services:

  • First and foremost, make sure you’re always maintaining an appropriate PSI for your tires. Your tires’ unique PSI measurement can be found on the sticker inside of your driver’s side door panel. Use a pressure gauge to measure the PSI of your tires and be sure to inflate them to or slightly over the recommended PSI (~2 PSI).
  • Next, check your treads to make sure your tires aren’t balding. Bald tires are going to have a hard time finding traction on the road, which can be troublesome for you in rainy conditions or on unpaved roads. Bald tires need to be replaced immediately, before you put yourself and any passengers in harm’s way. An easy way to check the tread of your tires is to insert a penny into the treads upside down: if you can see Lincoln’s entire face, your treads are below 1/16 of an inch and dangerous.
  • While you’re checking the treads, be sure to look out for strange wear patterns or uneven tread wear. This could be the result of improper alignment, which would suggest you need to have your vehicle aligned soon. It can also mean that your tires haven’t been rotated appropriately—a simple tire rotation may be in order to even out the tread wear.
  • Have a mechanic in Phoenix balance your tires at your next oil change. This means adjusting the camber, caster and toe of the tires, to ensure they’re not misaligned. If any of these variables are off they can cause premature tread wear or lower fuel economy, which are two easily avoidable things with a simple balance.
  • Finally, make sure the tires you have are right for your vehicle. This means having the right size tires, the right types of treads and a reliable brand name. Off road tires aren’t going to be the same as all-weather tires and wider width tires aren’t going to give you the same performance as higher speed rated tires! Having the right tires for your driving needs means keeping them in better shape for longer.

Proper tire care and maintenance will result in a smoother, safer ride, as well as better fuel economy and a mitigated chance of suffering blowouts and flats. Work with your mechanic in Phoenix to make sure you’re doing all you can to keep your tires in the best shape possible.

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