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See Your Auto Mechanic in Phoenix for Summer A/C Service

We all know the air conditioning in our car works hard during every Arizona summer. That is why seeing your auto mechanic in Phoenix for air conditioning service is essential if you want to stay cool rather than melt into your seat. At S & J Auto Repair & Rental, we are prepared to keep your car cool all summer long. Here is what we will do for you:

  • Check for leaks: You do not want coolant leaks in your system. Not only does this run down the amount of fluid in your reservoirs (which affects cooling), but it will also corrode your engine and pollute parking lots and driveways. While condensation under your car after driving is normal, coolant leaks are a problem that could mean a failed A/C system later.
  • Check for efficiency: Even if you do not have a leak, your coolant level can still be low. This is due to systems using up coolant quickly due to inefficient functioning. We often trace this to a radiator shortcoming, although issues with your air conditioning can also drain your coolant. If you start noticing these levels are always low, no matter how much you top off, call your mechanic to check it out.
  • Hose and cap inspection: Wear and tear happens in all vehicles. Hoses and caps will deteriorate like any other parts, and fortunately, they are easy to replace once they become worn. If you catch this before your system experiences a failure, it will be an inexpensive repair that prevents a host of other issues. That is why we always look at these parts carefully—they are often the source of leaks, and we always prefer giving you the easy fix instead of the involved and expensive one.
  • Replacing water pumps and thermostats: Your vehicle’s systems are interdependent. If the engine cannot stay cool, then it is unlikely that your air conditioning will work in keeping your car’s interior cool, too. Water pumps maintain fluid flow, which keeps temperatures down. They are often replaced at regular intervals when other wear-and-tear is detected. In fact, if your car is over five years old and you do not remember when the water pump was last replaced, we will likely recommend that step. Thermostats determine when your engine requires extra help to stay cool, so if they are off, you risk overheating and air conditioning failure.
  • Recharge the air conditioning: Once the rest of your cooling system is checked, we will address the air conditioning itself. Giving it a recharge should happen every summer, since this allows us to remove old coolant that likely worked too hard already and replace it with fresh coolant. A recharged system also works well without significantly compromising your gas mileage, so you are not only guaranteed a cooler car, but also one that will not make bid demands on the gas tank.

Now is the best time to get your air conditioning and coolant system serviced before the super-hot temperatures begin. You will find a trusted auto mechanic in Phoenix at S & J Auto Repair & Rental. Call us today to arrange for an appointment.

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