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Six Signs Your Mechanic in Phoenix Needs to Look at Your Transmission Right Away

Few possible car repairs put more fear into our customers than talking to a mechanic in Phoenix about their vehicle’s transmission. There is no doubt that this can become a very expensive and involved fix, and many people live in fear of the words “dead transmission.” Here is what you can look out for so these issues can be caught before they become expensive and serious:

  • Shifting is a jarring experience: Your car will struggle loudly between first and second gear or make loud clunking noises. Many drivers also notice delays—if you are driving in fourth gear and your automatic transmission does not downshift when you climb a hill, there may be a problem. Shifts into drive may not result in forward motion, and shifting into reverse also produces a similar delay. Cars may also jerk forward in park. These all indicate a serious problem that needs your mechanic right away. Gears that do not behave as expected are usually wearing out.
  • Noisy in neutral: Neutral should be your quietest gear. If you get more than a soft hum, that is the beginning of a long descent towards transmission failure. When neutral means no conversation in the car without shouting, or turning up the volume on your stereo, make a service appointment. The problem may not be transmission-related, but this is a major sign of imminent mechanical failure in one of your systems.
  • Bad smells: If you notice odors, it is likely due to a transmission fuel leak. This is often easily repaired. However, it could also be your transmission desperately burning through fluid as it struggles. At this point, you will benefit best from a fluid flush that will clean up your systems and likely stop the problem.
  • Poor acceleration: Struggling up hills and merging on highways wondering if you will get up to speed often suggest a transmission issue. It arises from not downshifting efficiently so you can get the speed you need. Another symptom associated with this is slipped gears when you speed up. If you hear a whining noise, make an appointment soon.
  • Fluid puddles: You will likely smell the leaked fluid before you see it. Once you do see it, it is actually good news. A leak is one of the easier transmission repairs. However, once you find it, you need to get it fixed soon. Without the fluid, your transmission does not receive the lubrication it requires, and that could lead to failure in the future.
  • Ride no longer smooth: A shaking vehicle as you travel suggests that the gears are acting up. This is also not limited to automatic transmissions—manual transmissions will show this sign when the gears start to corrode. You should be able to make it from point A to point B without feeling like your car is having a seizure. Get this addressed as soon as possible.

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