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Get the Most Out of Your U-Haul Rental with These Six Tips

You trust your mechanic in Phoenix with taking care of your vehicle, so if they offer it, why not go to them to rent a proper truck for your move? Give them a call and ask! For a smooth move, here are six tips for loading your U-Haul to get the most out of your moving truck rental:

  • Load up large items first: There are several reasons why you should load large items into the truck first—like heavy furniture, pianos, televisions and heavy boxes. First, so light or smaller items do not get crushed; second, to create a wall along the inside of the truck for security against shifting items; and finally, to make sure there will be enough room for all the bigger items. Whether you load your larger items first or last, tie them down to avoid having things tip over.
  • Evenly distribute the weight: The easiest way to ensure even weight in the truck is to place heavier items against the walls, with everything else packed into the center and on top of the heavier things. When your stuff is evenly distributed, you will have better control while driving.
  • Be careful of mirrors and framed pictures: Soft couch cushions and mattresses make excellent picture and mirror protectors. Simply slip them in between open spaces, while making sure spaces are tight enough to hold still without causing damage. It’s still good to plan on wrapping breakables like these in towels, blankets or padded mats for additional protection.
  • Use all available space: Renting an enclosed moving truck means there’s no worry that boxes and large items will block your view. With this in mind, pack boxes into every corner, stack and secure several things together (within a safe height) and utilize built-in racks. Another creative moving idea is to insert smaller boxes into bookshelves that are already loaded into the truck, then turn them and push them against the walls of the truck so boxes don’t tumble out.
  • Strap it all down: Most moving truck rentals provide straps so you can tie down your belongings. Feel free to utilize all the space from floor to ceiling, but then remember to make use of packing straps to keep items from shifting during transport. Use straps as you pack up the truck to ensure more security if you go over bumps or need to suddenly jerk the steering wheel.
  • Use padding: To keep furniture from sliding and getting damaged while the truck is moving, place slip-guard pads under each foot. This also helps to maintain an even weight distribution because these heavier items are staying in one spot. For big electronics and wood furniture, wrap padded mats all around them for protection. This means using padding underneath, on top and the sides.

Need to rent a moving truck soon? Instead of reserving a truck rental from just any old company you find online, first check with a mechanic in Phoenix from S & J Auto Repair & Rental about available U-Hauls on our lot. Give us a call to book a truck today!

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