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Drive Safe and Practice Routine Maintenance to Avoid Costly Auto Repair in Phoenix This Winter

If you are going to be driving at all during the winter months, then safety should be on your mind. Here are seven suggestions for safe driving and car maintenance to avoid costly auto repair in Phoenix this winter:

  • Plan your trip: Regardless of whether you are planning a six-hour road trip to grandma’s house or just heading to the grocery store down the street, it would help you to know if there might be winter-related obstacles in your way. Change the channel to a local news station or check a weather and traffic report app on your phone for this helpful information.
  • Check the weather forecast: Next to summer, wintertime is a prime travel season for people to hit the road to go visit out-of-town loved ones. If you’ve planned ahead, then set your weather app to send you daily notifications with weather updates. That way, you can adjust your plans as needed to avoid driving in crazy weather that can cause accidents.
  • Check traffic reports: Like looking into the weather before your road travels, you want to also check traffic reports—and not just for the roadways where you live. Know your route to easily look up traffic updates while on the go. Use a cell phone app, program a traffic specific station into your radio or ask a passenger to monitor your trip on the Internet as you go.
  • Clear all windows: It can get very cold and even snow during winter in some parts of Arizona. If you live in these areas or are planning a visit, you need to make sure you do not drive with ice or snow on your vehicle. For one thing, when you can’t see out the windows, that’s a pretty serious driving hazard. An icy layer will distort your view of traffic, and snow can be a problem should it fall off your car while in motion and hit nearby drivers. Cold, frozen snow that has turned into ice blocks can also pose a danger if it lands in the middle of a lane.
  • Don’t tailgate: The quickest way to land your vehicle in a mechanic’s shop with a need for auto repair in Phoenix is to tailgate other motorists in deplorable winter weather conditions. Too much snow, sudden heavy downpours and strong winds can make tailgating that much more dangerous.
  • Slow down: When harsh winter weather causes a change in road conditions, without a doubt, your speed needs to change, too. Drop your speed significantly or slow down while making your way over to the far right lane. Reducing your speed in bad weather, even if it means being late to an event, is the safest approach, especially if you cannot see at least three car lengths in front of your hood.
  • Get a pre-trip inspection: It’s a good idea to inspect your car regularly throughout the winter. Do your own basic check of the tires, exterior lights and fluid levels, but let a professional perform a thorough inspection prior to any longer road trips this winter.

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