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Use Fluid Color to Help Recognize Your Need for Auto Repair in Phoenix

Pulling out of the driveway and noticing that your car has left a spill behind is a troubling sight, but based on the color of the fluid, you might be able to figure out where the vulnerability is. Here are just a few color-specific leaks that can help you determine what kind of auto repair you will need in Phoenix:

  • Red: A red pool underneath your car generally points to an issue with the transmission or power steering system. Without a properly running transmission, your car will not be able to operate, so if you see that your car is bleeding red, get it to a technician right away.
  • Blue: A blue leak from your car is almost always windshield wiper fluid. Since your windshield wiper system is typically in use throughout the year, the heavy usage wears down the tubing and casing over time, which eventually leads to leaks. The next time you bring your car in, have the mechanic take a look at your windshield wiper components to see if they are still in good condition, or if they will need to be replaced.
  • Brown: Brown spills are usually indicative of an oil leak. Over time, motor oil turns dark, and if an oil plug is loose, it will eventually begin to seep out of your car. Brake fluid is similarly dark brown in color, and signifies that there might be a weakness somewhere in the brake line. In either instance, it will be important to have a technician look at your car right away to determine which type of oil leak you have and get the problem promptly repaired.
  • Yellow: If you see that your car is leaking yellow fluid, it is probably the radiator coolant that is the culprit. It is also important to note that each car has a specified type of radiator coolant that should be used, and if you are using the wrong coolant, the system is more likely to leak, as your car will have a hard time processing the fluid. If any part of your car’s radiator isn’t functioning properly, your car could overheat and be out of commission for an extended period of time.
  • Clear: A clear leak is probably the most reassuring type to see, because it is usually just condensation dripping off of the air conditioning system. However, it won’t hurt to have a technician check out your car’s air conditioner to make sure that the system is in good shape, and that the amount of condensation being released is normal.

If you are having trouble determining the color of the spill on dark concrete, park on a large white sheet overnight so that you are able to see the color clearly. Once you determine which area of your car is vulnerable and are ready to take your car in for auto repair in Phoenix, visit S & J Auto Repair & Rental. Our experienced mechanics can diagnose any of the leaks you have seen recently, and will make sure that your car is safe when you get back on the road.

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