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Understanding Oil Changes in Phoenix: Synthetic vs. Regular Oil

In the process of getting a routine oil change, you may be asked if you want synthetic oil or regular oil put into your engine. It’s a simple question, but not all drivers know the difference between the two, let alone how to answer.

The simple fact is that either option is going to work for your engine, but each comes with it own set of pros and cons—mostly revolving around price. Take a look at both options and decide for yourself what you want put into your vehicle during your next oil change in Phoenix.

Conventional motor oil

Conventional motor oil is going to be the standard for your vehicle, much like regular unleaded gasoline. And, like any staple, conventional motor oil is going to get the job done just fine. It’s cheaper than synthetics and will work to reduce friction in your engine environment.

The drawback to conventional motor oil is that it doesn’t hold up well over time—hence having to change your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or so. Viscosity begins to break down (especially in high heat) and eventually, regular motor oil will gum up and begin to do more harm than good.

At the end of the day, if you opt for regular motor oil you’re going to save a few buck on your oil changes, but you’re going to need more of them throughout the life of your vehicle.

Synthetic oil

Synthetic motor oil is an upgrade over conventional. People tend to associate synthetics with high-end cars or race cars, but the fact is, it can be used in virtually any vehicle, provided you have the right viscosity on hand.

Synthetic motor oil is going to be much more expensive than regular oil, thus leading to pricier oil changes in Phoenix. Another drawback is that not every auto shop has a huge selection of synthetics, which might mean special ordering your exact brand or viscosity.

Where they fail in price, synthetics triumph in performance, however! Synthetic oil can last for thousands of miles past traditional oil, without harming your engine. Moreover, synthetics are formulated to function better at high temperatures and provide better flow in low temperatures. Synthetic oil will also offer optimal engine protection over time.

Making the choice

When you understand the pros and cons of both conventional and synthetic motor oils, the question of which you would prefer becomes less intimidating. You might decide to pay more for synthetics for your brand new car, for example, versus sticking with conventional oil for your infrequently-driven vehicle that’s 10+ years old.

Your choice in oil is one that depends on your needs, however there’s one thing that remains the same between them: the need for oil changes. Consult with your mechanic to see how long your oil is supposed to last and always be sure to keep up on routine oil changes in Phoenix during that timeframe. Even the best oil in the world will eventually lose its ability to protect your engine, which means taking the time to have the oil changed appropriately.

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