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Get Your Car Ready for Spring!

The days are getting longer, and it seems as if we may have finally put winter behind us. That’s great news for everyone and everything—including your vehicle. Cars hate winter just as much as we do. Winter conditions are hard on all aspects of your car. If you’re a diligent car owner, you know that, and you took proper precautions to get your car ready for winter. But did you know that there are steps to take to get your car ready for spring, too? The following advice from mechanics in Phoenix will ensure your car is ready to take on whatever comes its way this season.

Wash your car

The easiest way to get your car ready for spring is to give it a thorough washing. Take it to a car wash and wash off all of the junk from the undercarriage that accumulated over the course of the past few months. Spring is also a good time to finally vacuum out your car and get rid of everything that’s been piling up in your backseat. If you really want to impress your passengers, have your car detailed by a professional. It’ll look brand new in a matter of hours after a detailer is done with it.

Get new wiper blades

Wiper blades last a while, but they all eventually need to be replaced. After going through winter, chances are your wiper blades are pretty beat up. Luckily, they’re super easy to replace, and only cost a few dollars. You can find them at any big box store or auto shop.

Fill up your wiper fluid

Speaking of windshield wipers, when was the last time you refilled your wiper fluid? You can use up quite a bit of it during the winter. Now may be a good time to double check that it’s full!

Change your oil

Changing your motor oil on a regular basis is step one in being a good car owner. Even if it’s not quite time to have your oil changed, you might want to consider doing it. New oil will ensure your car rides smooth and you get the best possible performance out of the engine. While you’re having your oil changed at our shop, we’ll perform a full checkup on your vehicle to ensure everything looks the way it should.

Check your tire pressure

You don’t need us to tell you that driving with underinflated tires is dangerous for you and other drivers out on the road. On top of that, underinflated tires get worse gas mileage. Save money and stay safe out on the road by double checking your tire pressure. If any of them are underinflated or if they’re looking a little bald, you’ll want to consider coming to our shop.

Although you can handle all of the steps above by yourself, it’s not a bad idea to stop by S & J Auto Repair & Rental and receive help from mechanics in Phoenix. Our professionals will have your car running to the best of its ability in no time at all!

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