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Warning Signs Your Air Conditioning System May Fail This Summer

Is your vehicle summer-ready? Want to avoid costly auto repair in Phoenix this season? Here are some warning signs that your air conditioning system may be about to fail:

  • Strange noises: The only sound you should hear your car’s air conditioner make is air blowing in through the vents. So, if your car produces strange and unusual noises when you turn on the air conditioner, you may need to have it checked out by a mechanic. But not all odd noises are precursors to a serious problem—it could even be nothing. However, it could also be something big, like the AC compressor going out. Describing what it is you are hearing to an auto mechanic can help them identify the source of the strange noise.
  • Bad smells: You will be using your vehicle’s air conditioner a lot this summer, perhaps even on a long road trip. To ensure your summer drives are pleasant and cool, test the AC system early on in the season for awful smells. When it comes to your car’s air conditioner, it’s important to know that the air it produces should be odorless—not musky, sour or like something is burning. If you power on the system and a pungent smell wafts in, that could be an indication of mold growth inside the system. Inhaling mold spores is extremely unhealthy, so it’s best to get repairs done as soon as possible.
  • No air is blowing out: A properly working AC, once turned on, should produce cold air almost immediately. There should be cold air, not warm air or nothing at all, nor should cool air blow out only intermittently. If you’re experiencing anything but cold air, the problem could be one of three things, 1) debris has clogged up the AC unit, 2) there is low or no refrigerant or 3) the cooling fans are damaged. Test your car’s AC system for cold air efficiency before summer gets here, and periodically throughout the season.
  • AC is leaking: Did you know that moisture and age are the two known causes of AC leaks? Your AC system uses rubber seals, but over time the seals lose their elasticity and begin to allow moisture to get in. Unfortunately, AC leaks are hard to spot, which is why they end up ruining more than just your AC system before a diagnosis can be made. Take your vehicle to an auto repair shop as soon as you suspect a problem.
  • Water is not draining: As the weather warms up, you’ll start to see a lot of small pools of water in parking lots and on driveways—especially on hot summer days. This is due to running the AC for long periods of time while driving. It’s good to know that a small amount of water draining from the bottom of your car is normal; however, having no water draining at all is not.

Here at S & J Auto Repair & Rental, we offer our customers full service auto repair in Phoenix. Want to bring your car in for a pre-summer AC check? Call us to schedule an appointment!

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