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Get Your Car Summer-Ready with These Tips from a Local Auto Mechanic in Phoenix

With summer right around the corner, now is the time to inspect a few crucial components of your vehicle. In fact, the professionals recommend that car owners perform quick inspections at least twice a year—typically before the start of summer and again before winter. Be proactive and check fluid levels, belts, hoses, the battery and lights, as well as bigger systems like the brakes and tires. Catching issues when they’re small can prevent them from becoming major, expensive issues later.

Here are some tips from your local auto mechanic in Phoenix for getting your car summer-ready.

Use oil for high temps

Your car may fare better this summer when you rotate out its regular motor oil for one that’s more suitable for the hot summer months. This is because higher temperatures require higher oil weight and viscosity. However, this is usually only the case for older vehicles that have packed on a significant number of miles, as most new cars run very well all year round on the same type of oil. While upgrading to a heavier oil does compensate for internal engine wear, you want to make sure your make and model will benefit from a thicker oil in the summer.

Change dirty air filters

If your air filters are dirty, fresh air will not be able to reach your engine or your vehicle’s cab. This has a lasting effect on your engine’s overall condition and fuel economy, and on the comfort of your ride. Replace or clean your engine air filter yourself (or ask an auto shop to do it), and don’t forget to change the cabin air filter to ensure outside pollen and odors stay out of your air conditioning system.

Test your air conditioner

Car air conditioning systems are pretty resilient. As such, they don’t always need a full flush and testing done every summer to ensure they’re working properly, just as long as the AC is producing and blowing cold air. Check that your system controls are not sticking, and see if all you need is to top off the AC refrigerant. If you feel there is a hidden problem, schedule a professional test to diagnose the issue. Ignoring air conditioning problems is the quickest way to end up with hefty repair bills.

Consider switching to summer tires

Like winter weather, the summer heat can take a toll on your tires—heat and sunlight are known to break down the rubber on tires more quickly. What if you have all-season tires? While all-season tires are designed to handle various conditions, they’re not a one-size-fits-all solution. Luckily, though, there is a happy medium—you can maximize your driving enjoyment all year by investing in a set of wider wheels and summer tires to handle the heat.

Acting on these preventative measures prior to the start of summer can keep your vehicle in good working order all season long. For a more thorough pre-summer checkup, take your car to a skilled S & J Auto Repair & Rental auto mechanic in Phoenix.

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