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Summer Is Just Around the Corner: How Is Your Car’s AC Working?

It’s easy to forget about the air conditioning system in our vehicles while we’re enjoying the fall and winter. But when the weather starts to warm up again, it’s no fun to be caught without AC—especially as summer sets in, when you need it the most! Do yourself a favor and get your air conditioning system checked out by a reputable auto mechanic in Phoenix, AZ ahead of time, so you can be sure you’ll stay cool and comfortable in the coming months.

If you’re wondering just how we get your AC system in top shape, here are four important bullet points on our AC inspection checklist.

Examine thermostats and water pumps

Each piece of your vehicle’s system should work together to bring you good, reliable performance. This includes the air conditioning system, which is tied to your engine’s ability to regulate temperature. Water pumps carry the cooling fluid your engine desperately needs to keep a low temperature, and they will require repair over the lifetime of your car.

Your thermostat, meanwhile, needs to be accurately reading your engine’s temperature, or your system won’t get the message that there is an overheating risk.

Search for leaks

It is absolutely vital that your car’s coolant system be airtight. Any leaks at all in this crucial area will drain your coolant fluid, and this means that you will be a puddle in your seat because you’ll have no AC. Not only will you be uncomfortable, your engine can suffer extensive damage, as leaking coolant causes corrosion. You’ll also find that you’re leaving pools of damaging fluid in your driveway and public parking areas, and nobody likes that.

Monitor performance

The next step is to see how efficiently the air conditioning system is running. Even if you don’t notice any dripping coolant, you can still have less coolant in your system than is necessary for optimal performance. Sometimes this lack of coolant is due to inefficiency on the part of your car’s AC system, often because of a damaged radiator, for instance. We’ll perform an inspection for you, but if you notice that the fluid is low in between visits, let us know right away.

Recharge the AC

The final step in our careful routine of air conditioning analysis and maintenance is to recharge your AC system. This process includes flushing out old coolant, which can become contaminated and depleted. You should get a recharge every year for the best AC performance, and ideally before it gets too hot out. You’ll also improve the efficiency of your gas mileage, since your car won’t have to work overtime to keep the interior or the engine properly cool.

Don’t wait until it’s boiling outside to make an appointment with your trusted auto mechanic in Phoenix, AZ. Bring your car to S & J Auto Repair & Rental today so you can be sure you’re staying cool and comfortable all summer long. We look forward to helping you get the most out of your vehicle!

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