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Strange Noises Mean It’s Time for Repair

Have you noticed some abnormal sounds coming from your trusty vehicle lately? While all cars make some routine noises, there’s a big difference between a steady, happy engine hum and a shockingly loud clank. Whether it’s a soft noise or a loud one, if you’ve noticed that your car is making new or surprising sounds, it’s most likely time to find a qualified auto repair shop in Phoenix, AZ to get some repairs.

In case you’re a little unsure what constitutes “normal,” here are some tips on noises that should be addressed by a good mechanic.

Knocking and banging

When you hear this noise, get your car to an auto repair shop as soon as possible, because you almost certainly have an issue that needs to be repaired right away. If you hear the noise at the front end of your vehicle, especially if it happens when you’re making a turn, your CV joints could be the culprits. These can wear out over time and should be replaced before they cause further damage to your car.

You might also have an issue with your struts, if you notice that the knocking or banging noise most commonly occurs when you encounter a pothole or bump in the road. Like CV joints, struts naturally encounter wear and tear over the years, and need maintenance at a reputable auto repair shop in Phoenix, AZ.

Screeching and squealing

No one likes to drive around town while their car broadcasts an embarrassing screeching noise. But all social awkwardness aside, your main concern should of course be the possible damage happening to your car. Squealing can come from many different areas of your vehicle, and each area indicates a different possible maintenance or repair issue.

Screeching coming from the brakes might mean your brake pads have worn down. This is not only bad on the ears, but it’s also dangerous for you as the driver—worn-out brake pads mean your brakes don’t function as they should, and you could get into an accident.

If you notice a noise near your steering column, you potentially have a belt issue on your hands. Your vehicle has many different belts that help it function, so you’ll need to ask an experienced mechanic to accurately diagnose your situation. A couple of common squealing belt culprits include the fan belt and the alternator belt.

As simple as it sounds, don’t forget to check on your windshield wiper blades, because they, too, can often make a squeaking noise if they are worn out.

As you can see, regular maintenance and repair from your trusted auto repair shop in Phoenix, AZ is essential for having a safe and happy vehicle. If you hear any strange noises coming from your car, bring it to the trustworthy team at S & J Auto Repair & Rental as soon as possible. We have over two decades of industry experience and will make sure everything is in top shape so you can get back to enjoying your car.

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