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How Auto Mechanics in Phoenix, AZ Can Help You Prepare for a Road Trip

Summer will be drawing to a close before we know it. That doesn’t mean, however, that it’s too late to embark on a spur-of-the-moment road trip! You can enjoy a spontaneous car trip with ease if you take care of a few simple things on your vehicle prior to departure. Auto mechanics in Phoenix AZ are here to help you get your car ready for the open highway:

  • Check your fluids: Having a qualified auto mechanic in Phoenix, AZ check the levels of brake fluid, engine oil, transmission fluid and power steering fluid in your vehicle prior to leaving on your trip can make your journey substantially more safe and productive.
  • Determine your tire pressure: Your car’s owner’s manual should specify the air pressure that is best suited for your tires. It is extremely important to ensure that all of your tires are inflated equally, especially during the summer months. While you are inflating your tires, don’t neglect to check the pressure in your on-board spare.
  • Get the oil changed: Unless you have recently had the oil in your car replaced, it’s almost always a good idea to get it changed prior to leaving on any kind of vehicle-based expedition. Auto mechanics in Phoenix, AZ who are changing your oil may also identify other maintenance issues that need to be taken care of prior to your departure while they are servicing your oil.
  • Check your tire tread: You can check how much tread is remaining on your vehicle’s tires with a simple penny. If you have less than 1.6mm left of tread on your tires, you may want to consider replacing them prior to your trip—tires heat up more than usual if they are used for extended periods of time, and road trips result in blowouts far too often.
  • Examine your air filter: Your engine requires a plentiful supply of clean air to run smoothly and efficiently. It is extremely important to make sure that your engine’s airflow is not being restricted by an overly dirty filter. If your car is equipped with a cabin filter, you may also want to change that prior to leaving, as it is frequently ignored in regular service appointments.
  • Get a wash: Washing your car isn’t just meant to impress others out on the open road—it can also tremendously increase your own visibility! You should also make sure that the summer heat hasn’t degraded the rubber on your wiper blades, and ensure that they are operating as they should be.
  • Inspect your lights: During regular tune-ups, auto mechanics in Phoenix, AZ will check to see that your brake lights, turn signals and headlights are all functioning as intended. This extremely important step is often neglected by those who perform their own auto maintenance, as it is practically impossible to execute alone.

Since 1990, S & J Auto Repair & Rental has been providing the Valley of the Sun with trustworthy, cost-effective repair services. To learn more about the best auto mechanics in Phoenix, AZ and the services that we offer, reach out to a member of our ASE certified staff today.

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