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Get Your Vehicle Ready for Fall and Avoid Costly Auto Repair in Phoenix

Fall brings some beautiful weather, but it also brings rain, snow, wind and other elements that contribute to road hazards. Attentive driving combined with proper car maintenance can keep you safe on the roads this fall and winter. Here are seven tips for getting your vehicle ready for fall to help you avoid expensive auto repair in Phoenix:

  • Look under the hood: There’s a lot going on under the hood, so make sure to check for signs of obvious wear, leaks, cracked parts and loose clamps—especially around the cooling unit. Check all belts for damage. Inspect the battery for signs of corrosion on the battery terminals or cable ends, and look for loose connections. If you notice any of these signs, visit your mechanic for a proper assessment.
  • Test the heater and defroster: Once the weather begins to cool down, you’re going to want to use your vehicle’s heater to stay warm and the defrosters to clear the windows. Give your systems a test run, making sure that the front and back defrosters are working properly and heat is coming from the vents.
  • Inspect the tires: Your fall vehicle check must include a tire inspection. Check tire tread depth, then look for bulges, bald spots and other indications of wear and tear. Cooler temperatures usually mean your tire pressure will drop, but measure it and either add or remove air in your tires until all four are adjusted to the vehicle’s proper PSI. This information can be found in your vehicle owner’s manual.
  • Check the brakes: An auto shop can take your vehicle on a road test and check your braking system for issues—like fluid leaks and worn connectors. If you notice suspicious noises or smells, take note and tell your mechanic. You may need to replace a small component now to avoid a more costly issue later.
  • Check lights: All the exterior lights on your vehicle must be working properly—including headlights, taillights, brake lights, fog lights and hi-beams. Check that you don’t have cloudy light fixtures, and test the lenses for clarity. The fall months will have you turning on your lights earlier in the evening, since it’s getting darker faster. You may need help from a mechanic for auto light maintenance or replacement.
  • Replace wiper blades: The fall season typically means lots of rain, which calls for installing new windshield wiper blades. If you are not sure you need new blades, check them for cracks and wear, ensure the rubber is flexible and test them out. Wipers that don’t effectively clear away water or washer fluid need to be replaced.
  • Change the oil and filter: Fall is a good time to get an oil and oil filter change. An oil change gives your car’s system a fresh start after a dusty and adventurous summer, while changing the filter ensures proper operation all season long.

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