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Four Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Company for Car Rental in Phoenix

Nowadays, renting a car can be as easy as 1-2-3. Customers can literally reserve a car through their smart phones. That being said, one should be cautious before choosing a company for car rental in Phoenix. We’re not trying to suggest that all car rental companies are out to “get” their customers; we’re just saying that it can’t hurt to shop around. Here are a few things to ask before you sign the papers and agree to rent a car.

What’s included in my daily rate?

“Hidden fees” is a term associated with purchasing or renting a lot of different products these days. What looks like a cheap, flat rate can all of a sudden turn into an astronomical charge at the cash register. Car rental companies seem to love imposing hidden fees on the vehicle you’re about to rent. If you rent a car at an airport, the highest (and most common) fee you’ll pay is an airport surcharge. Make sure all surcharges and taxes are included in the rate the company charges. Since we’re not located at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, you’ll never pay a hidden airport surcharge when you rent from us.

What’s my mileage plan?

Most of the companies that offer car rental in Phoenix will let you drive your rental car for as many miles as you want or need—as long as it’s turned in on the correct date and before a given time. Unfortunately, though, there are a few companies out there that’ll charge extra for each mile you drive past a certain point. That’s not good if you’re not aware of your mileage plan. Ensure that you either a) have unlimited miles before you rent or b) you know you can stay under the limit while you have the vehicle.

What kind of cars do you offer?

It goes without saying that there are hundreds of options when it comes to buying or leasing a car. But what about renting a vehicle? Your choices may be limited to a few select makes, and only a few different models. That’s okay if you just need something to get around town. But if you’re looking for a specific make and model, you’ll want to ensure the company has it on the lot before you decide to sign an agreement.

What happens if my car breaks down?

Just because a company is renting out a car doesn’t mean it’s in mint condition. There are many instances where rental cars unexpectedly break down and the driver is left footing the bill for repairs at a repair shop. Before you sign any papers, make sure you’re covered for any repairs that aren’t your fault. Since we’re also mechanics, you can guarantee we’ll fix your rental car if anything happens to it!

Give S & J Auto Repair & Rental a call the next time you need to take advantage of car rental in Phoenix. You’ll quickly see why we’re Phoenix locals’ number one choice when they need a vehicle to get around for a few days!

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