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Five Things We Can Check to Get Your Car Ready for the Summer!

Folks across the country are gearing up for the summer in one way or another. They’re probably planning vacations and figuring out what their kids are going to do all summer long. Due to the brutal temperatures from June thru August, people in Phoenix have to go above and beyond to get ready for summer.

Summer preparation for Phoenix residents includes everything from making sure their pools are full of water to scheduling HVAC maintenance for their homes and bringing their car to a mechanic to ensure it can combat the heat. There are several steps involved in getting a car ready for summer:

  • Get your oil changed: It’s important to bring your car into a mechanic for oil changes in Phoenix, AZ whenever your manufacturer recommends—usually every few months or few thousand miles. But it’s extremely important to heed the manufacturer’s warning during the summer. Oil can burn faster in extreme summer temperatures and should be changed more frequently. Visit our shop and let us change your oil quickly and efficiently!
  • Tires: Just like oil changes, it’s important to change your tires every so often. Again, check with your owner’s manual to see when your manufacturer recommends getting new tires. In between tire changes or rotations, it’s vital that you check your tire pressure to ensure everything is normal. Pressure can fluctuate during extremely hot summer days. Ask a professional about summer tires that can handle hot pavement conditions.
  • Trailer hitch: This one mainly applies to folks who are going on a road trip or happen to be relocating during the summer. If you’re planning on towing anything behind your SUV, make sure your trailer hitch is totally secure. The last thing you want is to be traveling down the highway and suddenly lose your cargo! (Additionally, if you’re thinking about going on a summer road trip this summer, consider renting a car from our lot. Road trips add unnecessary wear and tear to your tires and engine, and we have a wide variety of makes and models to choose from that can meet all of your travel needs.)
  • Brakes: Be sure to have your brakes checked by a professional mechanic before summer rolls around. Extreme pavement conditions can wear brakes down faster than normal, and you don’t want to try slowing down only to realize your brakes are shot. Our mechanics can check all facets of your braking system to ensure everything looks and operates as it should.
  • Air conditioner: Anyone who’s ever had their car’s AC go out in the middle of the summer knows how uncomfortable each car ride can be. Rolling the windows down just doesn’t cut it when the outside temperature is hovering around 100 degrees. Bring your car into our shop and let our mechanics diagnose any issues with your AC system.

Don’t risk a breakdown this summer. Give S & J Auto Repair & Rental a call today to schedule oil changes in Phoenix, AZ, and to learn more about all of our other automotive repair and checkup services.

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