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Why Is My Car Shaking?

If your car’s fuel gauge approaches “E,” you know it needs gas. If the oil indicator lights up, you know you probably need additional oil or an oil change. If you experience a flat, you know you need to change the tire. But what should you do if your car is shaking? What kind of problem does this issue indicate? Your local mechanic in Phoenix, AZ has the answers to these questions.

The most important thing to remember is that this problem should not be ignored. If your car is shaking, use the following guide to diagnose the issue and take appropriate action.

Engine Problems

A shaking car can indicate a shaky engine. You may have problems within the engine that are causing a rough ride. If this is the case, you will probably also hear unusual noises coming from the engine. If you suspect your engine is causing your car to shake, don’t hesitate to contact your local mechanic in Phoenix, AZ. The problem will only worsen if it is not repaired right away.

Steering Problems

Mechanical issues with your steering system can also cause the car to shake. This problem can quickly become dangerous due to lack of steering control. Don’t wait to bring your car to a mechanic in Phoenix, AZ if you experience any shakes due to steering problems.

Brake Problems

If your car is struggling to brake properly, this can cause shaking. To prevent future brake failure, have your brakes checked by a mechanic in Phoenix, AZ. This expert can determine exactly what the issue is and keep you and your car safely on the road.

Wheel Problems

One of the most common reasons for car shaking is a problem with the wheels. Damage to your tires can happen quickly and unnoticeably. You may go over a pothole too quickly, experience a minor accident that seems to have caused no damage or bump a curb while parking and forget about it. Meanwhile, these incidents may have caused damage to your wheel that results in car vibrations.

Improper wheel alignment is another common cause of car shaking. The misalignment causes your tires to wear down unevenly and make uneven contact with the road. This uneven contact results in unbalanced wheels, which cause your car to shake. Your mechanic in Phoenix, AZ can provide a proper wheel alignment to calibrate your tires to your vehicle’s suspension and prevent vehicle vibrations.

Maintenance Problems

Many mechanical issues can be prevented with proper car maintenance. Bring your car in regularly for tune-ups from your mechanic in Phoenix, AZ. Using detailed preventative efforts, this expert can keep your car running smoothly and prevent car shakes as well as a host of other automotive issues.

Prevent Problems

To properly maintain your vehicle, partner with your local mechanic in Phoenix, AZ. The professionals at S & J Auto Repair & Rental are equipped with the knowledge and experience to help you fix current issues and prevent future problems. Contact our friendly team today with any questions or to schedule an appointment for your next service.

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