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When to See Your Car Mechanic in Phoenix About a New Battery

The hot summer is about the start and the last thing you want is to be stranded with a dead vehicle before getting in to see your car mechanic in Phoenix. Luckily, battery problems are easy to detect early, so you can avoid this dire scenario. If your car shows any of the following symptoms, it is likely time to visit us for a battery check and replacement:

  • Warning light indication: Modern cars normally include a warning light for battery issues. When it appears, the problem could be a worn-out battery or a charging system failure. This falls under the same category as the “check engine” light in that it should not be ignored. After you see this indication, visit us for a battery test so we can see if the battery or your charging system is the problem. A bad charging system also drains your battery enough to render it useless, so you may need to replace it and your battery at the same time.
  • Slow starts: If you are saying a prayer every time you start your car, chances are you will soon face a dead battery. When batteries get old, cars become reluctant to start. It will start by cranking sluggishly, and when it does die, you will find your interior lights quit working, too. There can be other issues too, such as with the starter or alternator. However, if you replace your older battery as soon as possible, it places less stress on those components, so they should stop wearing out as quickly.
  • It has been a while: If you purchased your car in 2010 and have never replaced the battery, just expect it to be required soon. Most batteries have a three- to six-year lifespan, and sometimes they surpass that. The gambling types will often push that until the actual failure date, but being stranded is likely not your favorite way to pass the time. When you cannot remember when you replaced your battery—or if you bought your car new a number of years ago and it’s still using its original battery—it is most likely time to purchase a new one.
  • The battery leaks: When batteries leak, the acid corrodes connections and other parts of your vehicle. This requires your immediate attention, but it is also a dangerous situation that needs to be handled by a mechanic. Once a battery starts leaking, there is no other option than replacement.
  • The battery fluid is low: You will likely see this if the battery is leaking, but that is not always the reason the fluid is low. It also means that the battery is struggling to stay charged, and that also uses up fluid. If you can see the fluid level and notice it is disappearing more quickly than usual, take it in for testing so you can stop this problem before you are stranded.
  • Short trips require a jumpstart: As your battery ages, it requires more time to charge. That is why your five- to 20-minute grocery store run can mean begging for a jumpstart once you finish shopping. Those short trips are not enough to give it time to charge again, and if you find that every errand ends with a call to roadside assistance, your battery is likely at the end of its useful life.

If you are looking for a car mechanic in Phoenix to check your battery or any other systems in your car, contact S & J Auto Repair & Rental today.

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