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Three Common Summer Car Problems and How to Avoid Them

The summer months are prime road trip season. June, July and August are the perfect time for memorable summer getaways and adventures. Unfortunately, nothing can ruin a planned trip more than car problems. Summer comes with its own set of unique car issues. Dead batteries, overheating and flat tires can all put a damper on the fun. Knowing the most common problems and the best ways to avoid them will ensure you’re spending your time by the side of the pool, instead of sitting at the auto mechanic in Phoenix.

Dead battery

The summer is actually one of the worst times of year for a car battery. The heat and humidity frequently take a major toll on your battery’s life and effectiveness. The warm conditions will accelerate corrosion, which will reduce the battery’s ability to produce the necessary power. The summer conditions tend to be even more devastating for a battery than the cold winter season. Replace your car battery every three to five years to prevent this issue. It’s probably time for a replacement if you’re unsure about your battery’s age. Your local mechanic can install a new battery in practically no time.


Nothing can ruin a fun summer vacation more than ending up stranded on the side of the road due to an overheated engine. The high temperatures can cause cars to become overheated. The cooling system is crucial to ensuring the engine isn’t forced to work extra hard. Prepare your car by checking the fluids regularly. The coolant should be refilled if it dips below the required level. Bring the car into a mechanic if you notice any signs of fluids leaking from the bottom of the car.

Flat tires

Unfortunately, there’s no foolproof way to totally avoid a flat tire. Driving over a nail will inevitably cause a blowout. Low tire treads can also put drivers at greater risk of a flat. Additionally, the hot roads have a higher amount of flex, which will put additional stress on the tires. Check your tire pressure and alignment every 6,000 miles to catch any issues before they end in a shredded tire. Your mechanic can help you identify the recommended air pressure for each tire before teaching you how to measure it using a tire gauge. Check the exterior of the tires regularly for any debris embedded into the surface. Finally, always be prepared by having a spare tire, lug wrench and car jack in the trunk in case a flat does happen.

Car problems are a driver’s worst nightmare throughout every season. Preventative maintenance is key to catching any developing issues early and making the necessary repairs before they result in a major breakdown.

Are you ready to schedule your annual summer maintenance appointment? Then call S & J Auto Repair & Rental today! Our team of experienced professional auto mechanics in Phoenix will ensure your car is ready for anything this summer. We look forward to helping you prepare for safe and reliable driving this season!

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