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The Best Places to Drive a Rental Car from Phoenix, AZ

Whether you have family visiting from out of town or would rather spare the wear and tear on your own personal vehicle, renting a car from a local business can be an excellent way to support the local economy and see parts of our region that your daily driver may not be able to take you.

Renting a car from experts in auto repair in Phoenix, AZ means that you can be confident in the mechanical soundness of the vehicle that you are driving. You can explore the Valley of the Sun and beyond in a rental car. Here are some of our most-recommended day trips in and around the Phoenix, AZ area:

  • Bisbee: The former copper mining town of Bisbee is now known for its hillside rows of charming Victorian homes and antique boutiques. This delightful little town offers scenic vistas, delicious dining options and the opportunity to take home a truly unique tchotchke.
  • Montezuma Castle: This historical site is perhaps one of the most underrated attractions in the entire state of Arizona. Montezuma Castle is one of the Southwest’s best-preserved cliff dwellings, dating back as far as the 12th century B.C.E.
  • Sonora Desert: Arizona is known for its vast, open expanses. While many day-trippers choose to speed through the wide spaces of Sonora Desert that define much of the state, they are ignoring some of its most quietly beautiful scenery. A cursory examination of sites such as Sonoran Desert National Monument show that the desert floor is actually teeming with life.
  • Tombstone: There are few ghost towns that are quite as lively as Tombstone! This infamous site has been portrayed in countless Westerns as the city where the fight at the OK Corral took place. If you intend to make this journey back in time, however, make sure that your rental vehicle comes from a business specializing in auto repair in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Sedona: The stunning red rock formations that surround Sedona are world-renowned for their unique beauty. The small city is also known for its propensity toward the paranormal and a high number of purported UFO sightings.
  • Apache Trail: The Apache Trail, also known as State Route 88, is Arizona’s oldest highway. This ancient roadway, which began as nothing more than a series of erstwhile wagon tracks, winds its way through the infamous Superstition Mountains and scenic Tonto National Forest.

Experts in auto repair in Phoenix, AZ can provide you with a rental car that can offer complete peace of mind—if you are making a pilgrimage to any of these uniquely beautiful sites, the last thing that you should be concerned about is the mechanical state of your car.

S & J Auto Repair and Rental has been providing auto repair to the communities in and around Phoenix, AZ since 1990. We are proud to hold an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Our high-quality rental services are perfectly suited for day-trippers or visitors to the region. To learn more about the rental and repair options that we offer, reach out to one of our ASE certified staff members today.

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