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How to Get Your Vehicle Ready for the Summer Heat!

For a safe time on the road this summer, it’s important you get a vehicle inspection and any necessary auto repair in Phoenix. Here’s a closer look at how to get your vehicle ready to take on the summer heat.

Get the heat in check

Although your car’s cooling system needs to be in tip-top shape throughout the year, you’ll want to ensure its condition every summer. When it comes to summer driving, your cooling system works hard to keep the engine cool. It aims for a constant 200 degree F to protect your engine against corrosion, maintain proper oil viscosity and deliver more efficient fuel combustion. However, in extreme summer heat, the coolant could reach 250 degrees F, which could cause your car to overheat.

Before checking under the hood, make sure the engine is cool to the touch and cool enough to remove the radiator cap—it’s dangerous to remove the cap when the engine is hot or warm. Check the radiator and hoses for cracks and leaks, test all the connections for tightness and make sure the coolant reservoir level is halfway full. And even if your cooling system checks out good this summer, keep a watchful eye on the temperature gauge.

Check the brakes

Ask your mechanic to check the condition of your car’s brake pads, because hot weather can raise the temperature of your brake system, which causes the pads to wear faster. Also, since wet brakes can be less responsive, you should inspect your brakes if you tend to get summer thunderstorms and rain where you live. Behind the tire and wheel are either disc brakes or drum brakes—your mechanic will know what they are looking at, and they’ll be able to tell you how much braking capability you have left.

Inspect the air conditioner

Ideally, you should inspect the air conditioner system for worn or damaged belts before it stops cooling. The belt on your vehicle’s air conditioner drives the compressor, which means without it, the air conditioner won’t be able to cool the inside of your car. An auto mechanic can inspect your air conditioner’s condenser to make sure the fins are cleared of debris. When all is clear, air can move freely around the condenser and the refrigerant is able to cool better.

Summer tires

Switch out those all-season tires for summer tires to get more speed, better fuel efficiency and better handling. Unless you have the right equipment, you’ll need to bring your car to a shop to make the switch to summer tires, then return before winter to remove them.

Tow hitches

During the summer months, many people tow boats, trailers or campers behind their vehicles. But before you hook anything on to the back of your vehicle and drive off, make sure to inspect both the vehicle and whatever it is you are towing. Also, test all the tow lights, ensure tie-downs are secured to the hitch and know the tow weight limits.

If you need auto repair in Phoenix this summer, don’t hesitate to contact S & J Auto Repair & Rental. We’re here to help!

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