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Four Reasons to Bring Your Vehicle to a Car Mechanic in Phoenix Instead of Fixing It Yourself

Regardless of how well you take care of your vehicle, it’s bound to run into some issues throughout its lifespan. Whether the brakes stop working or the battery dies, there’s no way you can have a vehicle without something going wrong at some point or another! You have two potential courses of action when your car starts having problems. You can bring it to a car mechanic in Phoenix for repairs, or you can try to fix it yourself. We may be a bit biased, but we think visiting a mechanic is the better route! Keep reading to find out why:

  • You might make it worse: The first hazard with any DIY repair job is the fact that the average car owner doesn’t quite know what he or she is doing. You could start off by trying to repair your engine and wind up damaging your transmission. Then what? You have more to do to try to fix that problem, or you have to bring your car to a mechanic for more expensive repairs. We trust that you can do some things by yourself, like changing your oil, but you should trust us to take care of the heavy duty stuff!
  • Potential cost savings: A mechanic can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs if you trust him to let him fix your car right off the bat. If you try and fail to repair your vehicle by yourself, you’ll have to pay a mechanic to fix whatever the original issue was, in addition to any other issues you caused while trying to repair it. Many times, there are deeper causes of problems that car owners don’t address when trying to repair vehicles themselves. We have years of experience in the industry and know how to handle any sort of issue that presents itself.
  • Safety concerns: If you’ve ever been inside a car repair shop, you know that they’re not always the safest places. Working with heavy duty machinery is dangerous enough, but combine that with a crowded workspace, and you’ve got yourself a dangerous situation. Don’t risk injuring yourself while trying to work in your small garage—bring your vehicle to us and let our professionals fix your car in our state-of-the-art garage. We have all of the room we need to safely operate our tools, and our mechanics are all trained in safe car repair practices.
  • Save your time: Unless your hobby is fixing broken cars, you probably have better things to do than repair vehicles by yourself! Bring your car to our shop and let our professionals fix whatever’s wrong with your vehicle while you go about your day.

The next time you have car troubles, trust a car mechanic in Phoenix to take care of the issues! At S & J Auto Repair & Rental, we have a knowledgeable team that can tackle anything that comes our way. Give us a call to learn about all of our services!

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