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Common Mechanic Scams and How to Avoid Them

When car trouble strikes, it’s a major headache. Not only are most drivers lost when it comes to the mechanical aspects of their vehicle, but scheduling an appointment with a mechanic in Phoenix can also be unsettling. This is because people are put in a position to trust someone fluent in a subject that they’re not. It can be hard to hand over money for repairs if you’re not entirely sure you’re getting the full value.

At S & J Auto Repair & Rental, we make it a point to always ensure our customers are comfortable and confident in our work. We do this by presenting only honest work at honest prices. In fact, we strive to help our customers become aware of some of the common scams that dishonest mechanics might try and pull! We’ll help you make sure you’re never taken for a ride when it comes to vehicle repairs. Take a look at a few common mechanic scams and how to avoid them:

“The cost of this part was more than we expected.”

This scam is simple, yet can be the costliest for a vehicle owner. A mechanic might give you a ballpark cost estimate on a replacement part for repairs—but, when repairs are complete, you see that the cost of the part is far more than you anticipated! Often, the excuse is that the cost of the part was more than they expected.

You can avoid this scam by getting an estimate up front, in writing, from your mechanic. You can also request that no work beyond that estimate be performed without having your consent first. This will keep the mechanic faithful to the written estimate you got up front.

“You should get this replaced now, before it becomes a problem.”

When fixing one problem, a common scam is to “find” another one and present it like a close call to drivers. This often makes the mechanic look thoughtful and gives you confidence you’re avoiding a breakdown. The problem is, the “problem” might not be a real one.

Avoid this scam by declining service up front. Take your vehicle to have it looked at by another mechanic and see if they diagnose the same problem. If they do, return to your original mechanic for peace-of-mind service.

“When is the last time you had X done on your vehicle?”

This scam is simple and effective. Asking someone when the last time they had a service performed makes it seem like they’re overdue, so when it’s recommended, you say “yes.”

Avoiding this scam is as simple as keeping good records of your service. Looking back and being able to say when the service was last performed, versus how often it should be performed, helps you from investing in unnecessary services.

There are other scams that less reputable mechanics in Phoenix may use to try and take advantage of their customers. It’s important to be on guard when visiting an auto shop you’re not familiar with. Or, you can avoid the feeling of being preyed upon altogether by visiting S & J Auto Repair & Rental for honest, reputable work!

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