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Beat the Heat with AC Repair from an Expert Mechanic in Phoenix

As the weather starts to get warmer, you don’t want to be stuck with an air conditioner that doesn’t work in your vehicle. Now is the time to visit your mechanic in Phoenix to have your AC tuned up to handle the summer heat. This will prevent costly AC repair in the dead of summer and make sure you aren’t sweating your way to the nearest auto shop to get it fixed.

Visiting a mechanic in Phoenix for a summer checkup of your AC can help make sure that you don’t run into any problems with your vehicle’s cooling system throughout the summer season. You may not have used your AC recently, or you may have noticed that it is not operating as it should. This will require AC repair to get it functioning correctly, and your mechanic can help you identify the precise nature of the problem.

Air conditioning leaks and clogs

A trip to your auto shop is necessary if you notice that your AC isn’t keeping you cool and comfortable while you ride in your vehicle. There could be leaks in the cooling system that are allowing refrigerant to escape, preventing cold air from reaching the interior of your car. A mechanic in Phoenix can easily locate and repair a leaking AC system, as well as provide a recharge of your refrigerant so you stay cool during the summer heat.

Another issue that can cause your AC system to need repair is leaves and debris that are clogging the flow of air. During the off-seasons, dirt, bugs and debris can collect in your AC system, making it impossible for the maximum amount of cold air to reach your vehicle’s interior. Clogs can also occur in the cabin air filter that can affect the flow of air from your AC system. Keeping these areas clean is key to a properly working cooling system.

Other air conditioning malfunctions

A more serious problem that can occur with your vehicle’s AC system is a malfunction of one of its integral parts. This can cause no air or warm air to flow and will require the assistance of a mechanic in Phoenix to get it working again. You may have a failed compressor or worn clutch that needs replacing. Your auto shop will be able to swap these parts for you and get you back on the road with a functioning AC system that will keep you nice and cool.

Keep in mind that your vehicle’s thermostat can also be the culprit of your air conditioner’s inability to operate correctly. You may need to have a mechanic examine your AC’s controls to ensure they are working correctly and don’t need repairs.

Visiting your mechanic in Phoenix now for your AC repair will help you beat the summer heat and avoid long wait times to get your vehicle repaired during the busy season. Visit S & J Auto Repair & Rental for your vehicle’s AC repairs. We are a full-service auto shop that can get your vehicle ready for summer, no matter what type of issue it is having.

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