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Advice From a Mechanic in Phoenix: Six Reasons to Rent a U-Haul Truck Besides Residential Moves

Did you know that you can rent a U-Haul truck from your favorite locally owned and operated mechanic in Phoenix? That’s right—S & J Auto Repair & Rental is proud to be your local source for U-Haul truck rentals, and we have seen our customers take advantage of this service for a wide range of different purposes.

Most people probably associate U-Hauls with times in their life when they have moved houses, but that certainly is not all that U-Haul moving trucks are good for. Here are six other reasons to rent a U-Haul from your mechanic in Phoenix:

  • Commercial moves: Businesses sometimes need to move, too, and many businesses often make the assumption that hiring a professional moving service will make things easier. But renting a U-Haul will save your business a good deal of money, and it will give you full control over what gets moved, when it gets moved and how it gets moved.
  • Construction preparation: Whether you are planning a DIY home project or hiring a professional, if you are going to be embarking on a construction project anytime soon, you will need to thoroughly clean up the affected area. Whether that means dumping your kids’ old backyard playhouse or just transporting a large number of documents, a U-Haul truck will help you get it done quickly and easily.
  • Storage purposes: If you need to make more space in your home or commercial space, but cannot currently move or get rid of anything, renting a storage unit might be your next best option. Renting a U-Haul truck for the day will help you get this done quickly and safely, so that you can put your focus back into your home or business.
  • Dorm drop-offs: Will your child be moving into their first college dorm this year? If they are going to be moving furniture or other large items, driving a U-Haul to college might be the best option. Just make sure the campus has ample U-Haul parking, and you will have them all moved in in no time.
  • Spring cleaning: No matter what the month is, every home or business can benefit from a good, thorough cleaning once in a while. If you find yourself piling up trash bags faster than you can drive them to the dump, you might want to consider renting a U-Haul so that you can dispose of all of them in one trip.
  • Selling or gifting furniture: Whether you are selling your old couch online or gifting it to a family member or friend, you are going to need a way to transport it, and even standard pickup trucks cannot always get the job done. If you find yourself in this position, remember that you can always rent a U-Haul for the day to make the task a whole lot easier.

Whatever reason you have for renting a U-Haul, we hope you will come to S & J Auto Repair & Rental, your local mechanic in Phoenix, for a great price and excellent service.

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